It all started in the year 1999 when the property was acquired and converted into an estate of litchi, apple, and Jamun trees by our founder Mehernosh Sidikala Architect.

Built over a sprawling ecological panorama, and surrounded by lush green forests, Nostravila, Lonavala is his vision – with a design philosophy based on harmonizing nature and human aspirations.

Nostravila is just a 2-hour drive from either Mumbai or Pune and is an easily accessible escape from urban life. It is a colonial theme resort with each villa having a private pool. Nostravila is the perfect getaway for couples, nuclear families, and folks wanting to celebrate togetherness. Each Nostravila Vila is a theme-based concept of offering guests a luxury hotel room in the form of a colonial house.

Private pool villa in Lonavala
Mehernosh Sidikala


Mehernosh Sidikala Architect is reputed for his impeccable record to actualize his client’s dreams with an amalgamation of fine design and functionality. He has an experience of more than 3 decades in the field and his design studio, Room Design, is reputed for its superior aesthetic sense, and modern approach to interior design.