Self-sufficient hydroponics is a great solution to provide fresh vegetables and fruits for our resort. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water as the main growing medium. It is sustainable and efficient way to grow crops in a controlled environment. This method requires less water compared to traditional farming methods and enables year-round production of crops, which is particularly beneficial in tropical climates.

Growing vegetables and fruits on-site is an added attraction for guests who are interested in locally sourced food.

At Nostravila resort we aim to achieve being self-sufficient in our daily needs of exotic vegetable like lettuce , tomatoes , coriander , carrot , beetroot , zucchini , fenugreek , spinach etc . We also produce herbs like Oregano, Basil , Mint , Parsley , Thyme etc.

Overall Nostravila Resort has access to fresh produce year round for our health conscious guest.
We create a unique experience for our guest while promoting sustainability.