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Who says every trip needs to be an elaborate one? A short break from the chaos of city life can
sometimes be more fulfilling than a 15-day trip to an exotic location. It’s all about maximising the
time you have at hand (48 hours at max!) to enjoy a mix of leisure, activity, great food, and fun.
Here are 7 ways you can make the most of your weekend getaway:

1. Plan ahead:

Yes, we know is just a weekend! But, planning in advance sorts out many issues before
they crop up! Make sure you get 2 full nights and 2 full days wherever you go. It’s
imperative that you wake up fresh and active and have an entire Saturday and Sunday
evening to look forward to. Getting to your destination before dusk on Friday can make
all the difference. And getting home late on Sunday can be totally worth too.
Also, speculate whether you might extend the trip…in today’s times of remote working
possibilities, this could be an option. A case in point is one of Mumbai’s favourite
weekend destinations – Lonavala. For luxury resorts like Nostravila, Lonavala request
to extend the stay is very common, and for guests, it is better if they have a fair idea of
the possibility that they might want to extend.
Scheduling it in advance helps you get better rates, and pack better too.

2. Choose a location and resort that suits your plans

The next step would be to choose an ideal location based on your budget, how far you
are willing to travel, and the kind of time you want to spend there. A getaway planner
would be most helpful in this.
Weekend trips are meant to rejuvenate you and not exhaust you with their travel.
Selecting a location far away would not serve the purpose. At the same time, the
property should be fairly away from the chaos of the main market of the place so that
you can relax amidst nature. Leaving early to avoid traffic and reaching your destination
in time to enjoy the property are the key factors in experiencing relaxing weekend

3. Make the most of each moment

The best weekend trips aren’t about sleeping in all day! Yes, the purpose of weekend
is to take a break and catch up on well-deserved sleep, but you also need to make
your weekend outing memorable. Many resorts have planned activities for guests at
fixed times every day. Think activities like Bingo games, nature treks, plantation tours,
For example, at Nostravila, Lonavala you can enjoy ATV rides, horse riding, forest trails,
and more. During the rains, they also organise a monsoon trek followed by a
scrumptious breakfast. They also have a luxurious spa service which couples can enjoy
in the comfort and privacy of their rooms.

4. Check on the food options

Delicious food is one of the most important factors in deciding the location and property
that you will be spending your weekend travel on.
Food is the mainstay of all holidays. Hence, make sure to select a property that has
multiple food options for everyone in the family. The menu must be flexible enough to
cater to special requests like non-spicy food, kid-friendly food, and Jain food.
Nostravila, Lonavala has options of Mughlai, Chinese, Continental, and fast food. In fact,
it is the only place in Lonavala serving authentic Parsi cuisine. Besides, special requests
for in-room dining, baby food, etc are all catered to with a smile!

5. Pack appropriately

Rule number 1 – Pack light. Rule numbers 3, 4,5…Pack light!
Spending time and effort and logging heavy suitcases is surely not your idea of relaxing
weekend getaways.
Hence, take only what’s essential for 2-3 days and leave the riff-raff
behind. Trust us, it will take a lot of load off you, literally.
Also, check the property you will be staying at to access what else you might need to make your
stay memorable – Does it have a pool? A gym? Does it offer treks?
Nostravila, Lonavala has a private pool in each villa, and not taking swim essentials would be
disappointing for you once you reach. Also, it offers special forest and monsoon trails, hence
sturdy shoes become essential to enjoy these.

6. Leave room for spontaneity

Leave room for some last-minute plans which will make your weekend getaway more
memorable. Treat yourself. Book a special dinner; get a spa treatment; or spend the day

7. Unplug completely

Last but not the least, your weekend getaways are precious, hence it is important to
remember the purpose of your weekend trips. Unwind completely. Don’t check emails,
answer work calls, or dwell on professional matters. All that can wait till Monday.
Weekend trips can be as fulfilling as long holidays if you truly unplug and hit pause on
your busy life.

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