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Hidden Gems of Lonavala

Anytime a Mumbaikar or Puneite needs a quick break from the heat or hustle-bustle of life, the
first thing that pops in their mind is “Let’s go to Lonavala.” 
Lonavala is the one-stop place for good weather, beautiful gardens and viewpoints, quaint
eateries and cafes, and an overall wonderful place to just chill out with family and friends. Almost
everyone is aware of the more popular tourist attractions in Lonavala – Lohagad fort, Karla caves,
Tiger view point, Bhushi dam, or Shrivardhan tourist places which draw the crowds. Though these
may be the more popular sightseeing attractions, they may not be the best places to visit in
Lonavala if peace, quiet and serene beauty are what you are looking for.

We are here to guide you on places to visit in Lonavala, the hidden gems – where to stay, what to
visit and where to eat? Here you can leave the crowds behind and make some beautiful


A true one-of-a-kind place to stay when you’re in Lonavala. Located on a vast plantation with litchi
trees, amidst the Lonavala hills, surrounded by forests on three sides, Nostravila’s location is its
biggest USP. Your hosts will be able to arrange a tour of the plantation and scenic treks in the
Envisioned and developed by the architect, Mr. Mehernosh Sidikala, Nostravila is thoughtfully and
uniquely designed with 10 individual villas, each adorned with a private pool. Lounge in the pool
and pose for selfies all you want; no more strangers photobombing your photos! 
Nostravila’s restaurant serves, world-class cuisine made by some of the finest chefs in the business
The resort offers a forest trail in the evenings for all guests.
So, next time you want to “Hit pause on your busy life”, Nostravila is the place to be in Lonavala.

Infinity Stone Point:

Infinity stone point is one of the best spots among all the tourist attractions in Lonavala. It is a vast
open area with stunning views. You could look this gem up in Google maps – just type “infinity
stone point”.
A quiet and beautiful spot, this is the perfect place for photoshoots, camping, and picnics with
friends and family. Just make sure you carry your food and supplies since this hidden gem is still
not a commercial spot and you won’t find the usual stalls and food vendors. Go there early
morning or evening for a sunset or sunrise you are not likely to forget.

Salter Lake:

If you are an adventurous, outdoor person who loves camping, then this hidden gem, away from
the main tourist attractions is for you. The banks of this lake offer the perfect spot for pitching

your camp and lighting a bonfire. You could take along some music, and some sports like
badminton and volleyball and enjoy a perfect weekend. 
Salter lake is about 30kms from the main town of Lonavala, hidden behind the hills of Amby valley.
On a quiet day, the surface of the lake is akin to a mirror with the hills reflecting in them perfectly. 
The cool and serene waters are the perfect spot for a swim. Just make sure you leave this gem as
you find it, clean and beautiful so you take away your trash with you.


Most of us think of resorts and hotels when we think of Lonavala. However, Lonavala is home to
several Sanitoriums which are some of the best spots to visit. These places are clean, affordable,
spacious, and have a variety of wholesome entertainment options designed to give you a break
from technology. Maneklal Sanatorium, Nathalal M Parekh Sanatorium, Kutchi Sanitorium are
some of the more popular options. Sanatoriums serve authentic vegetarian home-style food. Their
veg thalis are hygienic and tasty lunch options. 
If you or your family are looking for a long, peaceful break from the city, a sanitorium could be the
perfect option for you.

Hidden Gems to eat at:

It is easy to locate the fancy restaurants in big hotels and resorts. But for a true taste of
Maharashtra, you must visit these:
Forest Dining at Nostravila: Your hosts can arrange for a dining experience in one of the best spots
in Lonavala, in the midst of the forests under candlelight where you can try dishes created
specially by the chef for you.
For breakfast try “Narayani Dham” or recently opened “Vyanjan” in the by lanes of Lonavala, truly
the best place to visit.

For a memorable Dhaba experience with great ambiance and good food, be sure to try the all veg
“Papa’s Dhaba” or “Sheetal Dhaba”, if you are a non-vegetarian.
For great vegetarian fare try “Interval” or “Earthern Pot”
For Tea lovers, “Jai Shiv Shankar Stall” (located opposite Kumar resort) is a must-visit.
Last but not least, don’t miss the delicious hot chocolate and piping hot coffee at “Pragati.”
No matter which Lonavala attractions you choose to visit, don’t forget to take home some chikki.
The variety here – from nuts to seeds to the regular peanuts is something you wouldn’t find
anywhere else in the country.

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