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‘I’m singing in the rain, I’m dancing in the rain, oh what a glorious feeling’ … this song pops in the mind as the monsoons set in. Indeed, we all welcome and enjoy monsoons after the sultry and sweaty summer. The first showers bring in a sigh of relief and happiness to all ages. The gushing downpour is loved by aplenty. All enjoy the hot piping tea or a steaming bowl of soup or freshly made fitters/pakoras as the musical pitter patter starts.

Tourists step out to make the most of the season as our beautiful planet unfolds mesmerizing landscapes springing with new and fresh life. Traveling in monsoons is exciting and enticing, but there are perils as well. The journey is always beautiful while reaching the destination is more fulfilling.

Tips for Traveling in monsoon

Vehicle Check

Before starting your monsoon travel as a safety precaution, give your motor vehicle a thorough check. Make sure that its insurance plan is valid during your travel. Map out your entire trip and time it.

When traveling by road, an advance plan of crossing milestones makes it a smooth and enjoyable one. Always carry a first aid kit box and a few snacks in your vehicle. In the event of unpredicted heavy rains, the pre-packed snacks are a savior to the unexpected long drives. Drive during monsoons can be very calming, and it caters to picturesque scenery that urges you to step out and embrace it. Drive slow on paved roads to experience the mesmerizing beauty of nature – lush green sides and waterfalls.

Choose your destination

Some locations offer unparalleled beauty during the monsoon season. For example, Lonavala offers a mesmerizing monsoon experience as the lakes and waterfalls get gushing with water, and nature comes alive in its best form during the monsoons. Pick such locations and you will be assured of a fun-filled getaway.

Do your research

Before traveling to places that have a lot to offer during monsoons, you can do a quick research on the offers and deals that are available for your stay and other enriching activities. Nostravila, Lonavala has special packages for weekdays during the monsoon season. Be sure to enquire about such packages beforehand.

Monsoon travel essentials

Do a quick check on what to wear to a hill station during the rainy season. Your travel essentials for a hill station in the rainy season should include light and airy clothes. If you are going to a resort with a private pool villa, like Nostravila, do not forget to carry your swimwear. They are not only easy to pack but also dry out quickly. Always carry a raincoat and appropriate waterproof footwear. Also, pack water-resistant bags for your electronic gadgets – cameras, mobile phones, pen drives, hair dryers, etc. This keeps you and your gadgets safe while you enjoy the rain. Ensure to carry a waterproof flashlight. Include moisturizers and mosquito repellents in your essentials. These will be of great help while camping outdoors. While exploring the destination during the monsoon, you are likely to get drenched. A hairdryer is one of the rainy season’s travel essentials.

Plan your day as per the intensity of the rains

Based on this you can plan the activities during your weekend getaways.  On a heavy rainfall day, you can plan a relaxing spa session or revitalize with your partner in the jacuzzi. Nostravila, Lonavala offers an exclusive spa session in the privacy of your villa with a private pool. Some of the villas also have a four-seater private jacuzzi along with the stay package. You can enjoy both during your stay.

Rains bring in new life. Short treks or walks to enjoy the serene landscapes with springing flora and fauna are a welcome change. Such scenic nature trails are organized by Nostravila, Lonavala where you can experience breathtaking waterfalls from the majestic Sahyadris. Carry your camera to capture your journey and cherish the beautiful moments later.

Nostravila, Lonavala also offers early morning monsoon trails followed by a hearty breakfast for its guests as well as non-guests. These are relaxed, enriching trails that can be undertaken by non-trekkers as well, hence, it’s worth investing in these during your stay at Lonavala.


When traveling, even before the language, we learn about a place through its local cuisine. A trip is only complete when you try out the local food. Piping hot wada pavs with chai on your way to your weekend destination will add to your travel experience and make your journey even more fulfilling. However, choose to eat from hygienic outlets. Eat healthily, and travel safely.

Protect the beauty of your destination

Lastly, always carry a bag to get your waste back. Please do not litter while traveling. Especially in the monsoon, it chokes the water bodies and eventually, our planet as well.


The monsoon turns most parts of our country into a beautiful paradise. So, don’t hold back, get out of the house and enjoy its beauty to the fullest, albeit with all the safety precautions during the rainy season.

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